Wednesday, July 01, 2009


On the same subject as the previous post, I wanted to add this. A couple of months ago my adult bible fellowship went through Beth Moore's "Patriarchs" study. I'm not one of those die-hard Beth Moore fans, although through the years I've gleaned some excellent things from her material. This poem she wrote and spoke at the end of the study (put to music by Travis Cottrell) has lingered in my mind since I heard it, haunting me sort of. It's her relevant application of the life of Abraham. How well it explains my heart these days, as I yearn for something I can't quite find.

Longing (Abraham's Song) words by Beth Moore

I am longing, longing,
For a place I cannot find
A place no one has told me
A land of a fairer kind.

You have kept Your promise to me
I have all a man could want
Yet I stare into the distance
I ache and still I long.
I'm surrounded by Canaan
Laughter echoes loud
I've loved and lived and followed
Built altars and I've bowed.
I'm longing.


O foolish man, O dreamer
ungrateful in my lot
Am I not here? Is this not dear?
What else could yet be sought?
Where are You, Lord, where are You?
Where is the home You, keep?
You came and wakened longing
Then You hid within the deep
And I'm longing.


I yearn to hear Your voice again
To feel Your presence near
You showed me there is
So much more, so much more then
left me longing here.

Somewhere beyond the stars
I counted one by one
A better country calls me
"Come home, true Canaan's son."


Faith_Trust_Hope said...

I love reading what you write and the pieces of others that you share. Thanks for sharing this one as well. It will be interesting to see where God fulfill's that longing, because it is obviously there for a reason and it will be fulfilled.

Faith_Trust_Hope said...

oops - I hadn't read the previous post first, but perhaps your longing will lead to something on this earth that will for you be living life in its fullest!

MississippiPie said...


Did a search for "Abraham's Song" and came upon your blog. I have linked your post to my blog as I had the same experience. Concluded today the Beth Moore's Patriarch study.

So, no reason to cut and paste when God gave me the agreement in spirit that I was searching.

Be blessed,